Big Sean put on for his city in a major way this week.

The Detroit bred rapper began the week with a performance at the Ford Motor Company Celebration marking their recent purchase of the Detroit train station.

The dilapidated structure that for many years represented the downturn of Detroit was projected in a new light as Big Sean gave an inspired performance before hometown fans to embrace the new structure as a symbol of the city’s revitalization.

Photo: JC Reindl, Detroit Free Press

He went on to kick off his inaugural Detroit’s On Now (D.O.N.) Weekend to give back to the city that raised him. The phrase ‘Detroit’s On Now’ represents the resurgence of a city that Big Sean has always supported.

A hometown hero, the rapper and philanthropist interacted with fans and guests, and dropped some timely words of wisdom at the FREC City Block Party.

With focus on community Big Sean intentionally chose to embed every event of his weekend with focus on Detroit neighborhoods.

“You can’t have the success of Downtown without the neighborhoods,” said Big Sean.

During his D.O.N. Weekend signature Block Party, he sat down with Men of Courage co-founder, Shawn H. Wilson for a Barbershop Talk to discuss ways in which black men can leverage the tools to break down barriers and overcome negative stereotypes to climb the ladder of success.


Big Sean spoke about the many misconceptions that face black men daily. “People look at black men as not being equal, that black men are not smart, and they believe black men are inferior,” he said.

He also spoke on the importance of strong mentorships in overcoming these barriers. Big Sean’s mentors have helped him achieve the success he has today, and he knows how important it is to give back.

Through his philanthropic efforts with the Sean Anderson Foundation and his many partnerships including Men of Courage, he has demonstrated his commitment to the city Detroit. “Detroit gave me everything.”

Photo: Urban Content Studios

When asked what he sees as his life’s purpose, Big Sean summed it up by saying that he was made to inspire the city, to inspire the world, and always be ready to show people how good it is to be what they want to be.

“What I aspire to be is my God-Self, the way that God intended me to be, to spread wisdom and inspiration.”

By all accounts, Big Sean is living out his purpose in real time.

Stay Tuned for the Men of Courage Podcast coming Fall 2018.